#wearyellowforseth announcement. Please share!

Ok, so many of you have been asking about #wearyellowforseth and when it will be. #wearyellowforseth is something we’d like to do to be able to show Seth all the people in the world that are thinking about him. We have a map of the world in his room and will pin all the countries where people have posted a picture from. Also we will be printing some off and putting them up in his room. Whenever he is struggling (which is rare to be fair) we can show him your pictures.

Seth wanted to ask himself: https://youtu.be/4tlTZSGhi-g

 What are we asking? On 27th March 2015 we’d love for everyone of you to post a picture of you wearing something yellow to facebook, twitter or instagram with #wearyellowforseth. It doesnt have to be a yellow top, anything is acceptable. In fact BE inventive. Make him laugh!

This blog has taken off more than we imagined. As a result the Bubble Foundation is receiving support from two fantastic events.

The first is Supportin Seth. A local event being held at the local Conservatve Club arranged by a friend of our family, Jade Ruthven. Here is a link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/441781025970187/

The second being ran by Right Medicine Pharmacy, a chain of pharmacies based mainly in central Scotland. They are going to be sharing this blog to their staff members and encouraging them to wear something yellow on 27th March. There will be the opportunity for patients to also donate and staff will help engage them in Seth’s story and the Bubble Foundation. The proceeds will go to the Bubble Foundation.

261 thoughts on “ #wearyellowforseth announcement. Please share!

  1. Monica Blanco says:

    We just wanted to send our love & support from Mike Chang Fitness/SixPackShortcuts located here in Austin, TX USA.
    Seth, you are one brave little man and you have truly touched each of our hearts here at MCF! Thank you for your strength and your smiles! You are a TRUE Inspiration!
    Here is a little video for Seth from Everyone here! Hope it brings a smile to his face! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niYiN04tz9g


  2. Mr. Fraley-Hogg says:

    Students and staff at Manheim Central Middle School in Manheim, PA, USA wore yellow today and took a group photo during our lunch. One of our students heard about your story through Facebook. We are all thinking of you. Stay strong and enjoy the yellow!



  3. Reem says:

    I Just wanted to ask what does he want and also other than money how can we help
    And is it possible we can send gifts to him or take pictures around the world and show it to him

    When i first heard about seth i was suprised you go Seth my cutie

    I hope you feel better My Lovely Cutie Seth

    ~ Reem 11


  4. Mariana says:

    Hi, Seth, I would like you to know that God does everything for a reason, then do not worry you´ll be fine.
    With love from México
    (I dressed in yellow all day) ❤


  5. Aiyana says:

    This is absolutely touching and I definitely wore yellow today! I hope that all went well with Seth’s second bone marrow transplant. Tell Seth that he is a very strong little boy from me! Im sending your family my best wishes. Stay strong. 💛 🐾🚒
    From Aiyana in Minnesota.


  6. Aneesh Jain says:

    I wasn’t able to send a video or photo because my grandmother had passed away. But I wore yellow for him. Best wishes to our little hero all the way from India. Stay strong bud. We’re rooting for you


  7. Tammy Westfall says:

    Beatle Elementary School has participated in the wear Yellow for Seth. We had a great turn out of students and staff showing their support.


  8. tricia kapulka says:

    My son was diagnosed with the same disease 10 years ago his was called RDD reticular dysgenesis disease. I was able to give him life twice by donating my stem cells. It was a two year battle of up and down but eventually the graft took. We still go to the hospital every year for test but not sure what lies ahead. We were treated in philadelphia pa at the children’s hospital This is a horrible disease and when my son was diagnosed there were few cases. I wish there was more research on this. Seth will be in or prayers everyday. God Bless that beautiful little boy


  9. Linda Scott says:

    Morning Seth and family. I pray you had a successful day yesterday and I know God looked after all of you during your surgery. We all wore yellow in your honor Fridayt-it is my favorite color also. I would like to make you a special Pillow case For you one that I know you will soon be able to hold and sleep on “very soon.” It will be yellow of course and I can put your favorite character or animal on it for you.
    As I wait to hear from you and your mom, may God bless all of you.


  10. Nancy says:

    I just heard about this…a day too late. So sorry! Does he have a FB page set up? If so maybe all of us that didn’t know could still send photos.
    Sending a big virtual hug to a brave little boy.



  11. Andrea Chavez says:

    My name is Andrea Chavez and I am a teacher at Mountain View Elementary in Casper, Wyoming. Last week we held a wear yellow for Seth campaign. Our Kind Kid Club showed Seth’s youtube video in each our classrooms and Thursday they handed out wear yellow for Seth ribbons. Friday we gathered everyone who wore yellow in the gym and took a picture. However, due to our policies we cannot post pictures of students on social media. We would love to have an address to mail our picture to Seth.

    Thank you,
    Andrea Chavez
    Kindergarten Teacher
    Mountain View Elementary


  12. Aja Hamilton says:

    I am so moved by your blog! As a mother I only empathize and pray for the health and success of Seth. I know that the fundraiser for #wearyellowforseth had passed, but if there is any way I can contribute I would be honored to help.


  13. Linnea says:

    I am a student teacher in northern Alberta. I saw the #wearyellowforseth campaign on Facebook and told my students about it. We were a week late, but we wore yellow for Seth! We are keeping him in our thoughts and wish him the best.


  14. Matt says:

    Hey. I’ve been following your son’s story for a while now, and make sure to check up every couple of days. I apologize for missing #wearyellowforseth, but I am in the US Marine Corps, and sadly was indisposed at the time. However, I want to let you know that I’ve shared this story, and about 100+ Marines at my unit are all pulling for Seth, and keeping your whole family in our thoughts and prayers.


  15. Admira says:

    My name is Admira and I am writing from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    I’ve been following Seth’s story for quite some time.
    I shared his story with all my friends and also my students (I work in high school)… I wish there was something more I could do for him. Such an amazing boy…
    He is in my prayers and my thoughts. Wishing him and his family all the best…


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