Today: Fasten your seat belts…..

So since my last post Seth has had a bit of a hard time. He has contracted a virus called Hhv6 (Human Herpes Virus 6) this is part of the herpes family and is a virus that by the age of 2 years old 98% of the population carry it, and are most likely unaware. It is likely that Seth was a carrier of this virus and now that he has no immune system it has ‘flared up’. The worry is that it is a virus – which antibiotics cannot treat – will cause Seth to become incredibly ill and the medical staff will not be able to manage it. However, this virus is treatable. The medicine takes a bit of time to work, but they can treat it. It caused Seth to vomit and have loose stools. He was not holding down food and felt poorly, his temperature was consistently above 39 with paracetamol.  Although the Doctors said his presentation was normal for this virus and that it is treatable, it still sparked worry in Nik and I. We are getting close to transplant, we need to keep him well.

Yesterday, Seth turned a corner and perked up for the first time in nearly a week. He was happy and playing and got down off his bed to play on the floor. But today he woke very tired and complaining of pain in his right side. His blood results had returned showing that his HB (red blood cells had dropped from 96 to 39 in 24 hours, and his potassium was very low. His presentation was consistent with these results but an X-ray was carried out just to rule out any other problems. Within half an hour of the blood being put up Seth had totally perked up and his pain had gone away. It’s amazing what a bit of blood can do!!!!

Then this afternoon we have had visits from 2 consultants. The ward consultant and Seth’s consultant with some important news…..


Seth will have 7 or 8 days of chemotherapy finishing the day before transplant, and Nik will start the injections to activate his bone marrow 5 days before, with the bone marrow being harvested the day before. ( i will do a post about the transplant next week when we have managed to have a sit down and a long chat with the consultants).


Having bubble blowing races with daddy (its for lung physiotherapy)

Having bubble blowing races with daddy (its for lung physiotherapy)

Practicing writing numbers

Practicing writing numbers

Get some rest baby

Get some rest baby

115 thoughts on “Today: Fasten your seat belts…..

  1. Edgar Samuel Salas Reyes says:

    I am from Mexico, and im really touch by your story. I want to give him an advice, that no matter where you came from, your color skin, your religion or way to see life, we are part of the same big family, even if you doesnt know who i am, we are family, we are made of star that explote a long time ago, even with all the bad news, all the hate in this world, we need to keep loving our brothers and sisters, and Seth, you are special, just like your mom and dad, like your doctors, nurses and all the people that think of you, because there is only one Seth in this world, and knowing about your story and your existence, is a gift, is a present, like today.

    PD: Sorry for my bad english


  2. Rebecca says:

    Hey Seth 🙂 Im writting all the way from New Zealand and am keeping you in my prayers xox I pray God will heal you fast and continue to bless you as you are a blessing to us 🙂 you are such a strong warrior ❤ I know mommy & daddy are proud of you xo keep fighting the good fight !!! love you lil man and dont you ever give up ! Manuia lou aso (have a great day) you deserve it 😉 xox


  3. Diana Weidner says:

    Dear Mum and Dad Lane,

    you both already know that you do have a wonderful and beautiful boy, but I know that Seth has two very wonderful and beautiful parents,too. I am following your story and send you my positive energy and best wishes, if I were religious I would dedicate my prayers as well. These photos really touch my heart, and Dad´s face today especially, so please feel both of you hugged so very much. These words seem so shallow but I hope you get an inkling of what I am trying to express. No matter what happens, Seth chose the best set of parents he could.

    All my love from Germany,



  4. Gary Allum says:

    Keep fighting the good fight, Seth. I share some but not all of your attributes, so I can relate (I cannot go into crowds, swim of visitvery public places; stay home a lot).

    Because of you, I am wearing yellow every Friday because it is your, and my favorite color! I will send you a picture. I live in Mount Clemens, just north of Deyroit, Michigan in the United States.

    I hope you are feeling good today and find excitement in every day! I think of you often and I will keep in touch.

    Cheers from your pal,

    Gary Allum.


  5. cnoellek says:

    I joined the bone marrow donation registry yesterday at Be The Match. Your son was one of the reasons that inspired me to join. Even if I can match one time, it will be worthwhile to help another human being!


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