T+407…we did it! Over a year since transplant! 

So it’s been over a month since the one year anniversary of Seth’s bone marrow transplant. 

Since my last blog (which was a while ago- apologies!) we have stopped quite a few medicines and stopped the immunglobulin infusions. Which is amazing progress! After Seth’s first transplant we were told that he would need the immunglobulin infusions for life because he would never produce B cells. However, this transplant has basically reset everything and he now produces his own B cells! Amazing! 

Also no sign of GVHD! So we can relax a bit. 

Seth is continuing to love school and we have been able to have our first family holiday since the transplant and Seth has been able to have his first plane ride!!! It was such a lovely holiday Seth has the best time! 
However, as per ‘sods law’ two weeks before we were due to lace for holiday Seth started spiking high temps of 39 and 40. Paracetamol wasn’t bringing it down but ibuprofen was. He was started on antibiotics for a potential infection in his button (a line foof into his stomach for his milk feeds and medicines). This helped and the temperatures stopped. But then on the Monday before we were due to leave on the Friday Seth woke in the night screaming in pain in his right hand side. Investigations identified a kidney stone 😩. But he was immediately put on the right antibiotics and within 48 hours his blood markers were back in the normal range thankfully!!! We were given the go ahead to take him away 18 hours before we flew! Cutting it fine!!! 

We had a bit of a rubbish time with our flights- long delays and lost luggage but we had a lovely time in Malta. 

helping mummy at the yard

attending a masqurade themed family birthday

Making cakes for the school bake sale

ready to fly…a bit nervous until we started moving then he loved it!

Making the most of the time waiting for the flight

absolutely loving the swimming pool

dunking daddy

making the most of a warm and sunny day in England!

39 thoughts on “T+407…we did it! Over a year since transplant! 

  1. Nay says:

    There’s nothing like seeing the working hands of God. I’m so happy for Seth, you and your family.
    Continuing with the prayers and fully trusting in God’s love & mercy.


  2. Sandy Pityk says:

    So good to hear from you! It looks like you all had a wonderful time on your much deserved holiday! What beautiful boys and I know you’re so proud of them. I’m praising God for the miracle of Seth and will continue to pray for good health and blessings!


  3. Margaret urquhart says:

    I was so bowled over by the lovely photos I commented immediately. I am sorry Seth had yet another setback but he recovered in true Seth style heroically! And making B cells! Wow!
    Lots of love
    Mob 😘😘😘


  4. Jenn Carson says:

    I have been following Seth’s story and am so thrilled to read this post! Nothing means more to a mom than for her children to be healthy & happy…and my heart is filled with joy for you!! I wish for continued health & happiness for Seth xoxo


  5. Missy Washburn says:

    Holy Cow! Seth has grown so much and he looks great. As does the entire family. So happy you had a wonderful holiday and you all have our continued prayers and support! Hugs and love from Memphis, Tennessee! 👍


  6. Lynda Dunn says:

    Wow Seth, it is sooooooooooo great to see you looking so happy and wonderful. Keep up the good work…High Five to Mom Dad and the whole Family…..*\o/*
    Ontario Canada


  7. Marita Healy says:

    So beautiful to see your gorgeous boy enjoying life. He has been through so much, more than many people have to bear in a whole lifetime. I hope that he continues to go from strength to strength and I believe with the wonderful brave parents that you are, he has every chance of a great future. Continued good wishes to you all. It makes my day every time you report such positive news. Thank you for sharing your life with us. You are an inspiration to everyone that follows your blog.


  8. sue says:

    So happy for the update. Love seeing all the smiles. Absolutely beautiful,,,seeing your boys doing things all kids should enjoy.


  9. Kate Lewers says:

    Really happy for you, and this makes for such great reading! Please never apologise for delayed updates or long spaces between each post – if it means you’re off enjoying the family life you’ve craved over the past few years then that’s totally fine!


  10. Jon miklich says:

    Hello from Las Vegas Nevada, always look forward to your updates on Seth and family. I’m so happy to see the boys together having fun.. Thank you for the updates.😀😀😀😀😀


  11. sandra f burk says:

    Thank you so much for this update! God is great, God is good! Big Seth is so brave and has taught us how to be brave during unbelievable trying times for this Champion Hero and took you all on quite a long Journey. So proud of ALL of you! Hugo is such a cutie and growing up quickly as kids do and I’m sooo excited with this email! ((( Thank you for all your time to do updates! ))) Now he and Hugo are making us laugh and seeing them having fun as brothers and with mum and dad is exhilarating! I have three Angels, Ethan, Laney, and Alyssa and kids are great at bringing lots of Sunshine in our lives! Thank you again mum and dad! It’s good to see you two relaxing! God Bless all of you and have a Super day! ❤


  12. Dara says:

    Yessssss!!! I’m so happy to be reading this! Such a long way from when I first started following Seth and his wonderful family!!


  13. Sandy Kalpakoff says:

    Thrilled to my toes to see that smiling little face!!! So delighted that things are going so well for Seth and your family–many prayers were heard and answered. Continued blessings on you all, it is a privilege to follow the continuing journey of your brave little boy and your family’s amazing fortitude. Enjoy a wonderful summer!!!


  14. paula says:

    Seth I’m so happy ur doing so good and yay it’s been a year. Keep up the good work. Still praying for u and ur family and I always will. Love u seth.


  15. Linda. Valenzano says:

    What a remarkable kid that Seth is! We are so happy to see all’ of you living the life you deserve, we hope it continues always. We will always continue to tuck a prayer in to Jesus heart to keep Seth a happy health boy., We have followed Seth since the beginning, and to see his pictures and hear his update, we are so happy and grateful. I don’t think I will ever think of yellow the same way…it will always make me smile, I will always think of Seth. Your friend in Lemont, Il, The Valenzano’s 💛💛💛


  16. Paula Hennessey says:

    So very happy to see this post and these pictures. Love that you are getting to relax a little and enjoying your family! Please continue to keep us posted, #wearyellowforseth


  17. Mel Hunt says:

    After reading and following, and undeservedly crying at your blog, I am so chuffed to read how well your beautiful strong little boy is doing, he is truly a marvel. God bless x


  18. Laura says:

    I am soooo happy that Seth is doing so well!!! He’s such a beautiful boy and he seems to have a zest for life. Keep the healing going! Of course what would a family holiday be without some hiccups, good times and good stories to tell grand children.
    Again I am so happy that you are all doing well and keep the updates coming as well as the beautiful pictures!


  19. Margaret Brammall says:

    I cannot believe this is the same young man we watched go through so much one year ago .Thank you for showing us the beautiful pictures of Seth and his brother .We think of Seth everyday and use our yellow for Seth mugs every time we have a cuppa lol.Love to all of you xxxx


  20. Sarah J says:

    I absolutely love reading your blogs and seeing how you are all getting on. I am so moved by reading this installment – I have tears in my eyes. The fact that Seth is producing his own B cells is just amazing – you must all be thrilled!! I am so glad that he was well enough for your holiday – you all deserve it and I bet you were well ready for it!! Fantastic stuff – Seth – you are a legend!


  21. Lesley-anne says:

    A cheeky wee holiday!!! Looks fab!!! And looks like Seth is having a ball which is very much deserved!!!!
    Keep smiling and making us smile!!! 💛💛💛💛👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😘


  22. ksterlingjourneys says:

    Holy moly, how those boys have grown! Practically young men, already! It’s a joy to see your family as a whole, enjoying life together! What heroes, you ALL are! The strength that you, as parents, have shown through thick and thin is astounding, and it sure looks as if you are making up for lost time as a unit, while Seth was in hospital! Thank you for the update, I often think of your family…Sending loads of happiness from Auburn, CA, USA


  23. Mari says:

    I have followed this story since his transplant preparations and I prayed so much that he could have only the pains and worries a boy his age should have… like an ice cream headache or remembering his ABCs in the school test. So glad to see he is on his way to achieve that. Seth looks healthier each day and I am cheering for him all the way from Brazil 🙂


  24. ale says:

    Ive been following your journey since before your bone marrow transplant. I am sooooo happy you are getting healthier!! Sending you lots of love and prayers from Panama!


  25. Paula says:

    Hello. Just been thinking about Seth and family..going from hearing about seth answer now to nothing makes me so sad…if anyone gets to talk to the family..can u tell them we all miss hearing about seth. Love u buddy. Hoping to hear back


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