Well…..we are coming up to the first anniversary of Seth’s transplant (1st May), however, this weekend marks the anniversary of #wearyellowforseth. We have been looking back over the pictures and messages and I think we are only just beginning to realise how big the # was! I have been blown away again by your amazing support. Thank you.

Seth is well, despite Hugo being ill recently and Seth has stayed well! It seems that daddy’s magic is working well!!!

Seth is eating really well, but I don’t think he is putting on enough weight. So I am concerned about that – i guess worry never ends as a parent!

Seth has lost his first tooth this last week! However, he doesn’t have a gap because he had already grown his replacement!!! He was very proud of his little tooth and left it under his pillow for the tooth fairy (also called the princess by Seth). He was so excited he forgot about it in the morning and I had to remind him to check if the tooth fairy had been!!!!

A short update this time – but I am seeing that as a good thing as for the first time in 6 years….things are settled – long may it stay that way!!!!

Here is a little video to say THANK YOU and recap on Seth’s year!

22 thoughts on “T+326!!

  1. Julie Eddlemon says:

    I have followed your posts since the “wear yellow for Seth” day.I wore yellow that day and I have prayed for Seth and your family. I have enjoyed watching his progress along with seeing all the family pictures. God bless you and your wonderful little family. I pray that God continues to keep Seth healthy and that “Dad’s magic” continues to bless him. Thank you for sharing Seth’s story with the world. Hugs! Julie Eddlemon, California, USA


  2. Meg says:

    What a FANTASTIC video, it has really brightened up my day. Was that your first tooth coming out Seth ? I hope the tooth fairies left you lots of pennies. 😘


  3. Paula Hennessey says:

    It is so very exciting to read your “happy” post like this one. Seth looks awesome, I am do very happy for him and your family. So blessed that the transplant worked and our prayers and being answered. We love to hear from you and look forward to these updates. Congrats on the tooth loss Seth❤️🙏🏻👍🏻 #wearyellowforseth


  4. Sue says:

    Absolutely beautiful. The video has warmed my heart. Your Seth is a true hero, a sweet and lovable boy and an absolute inspiration. Bless your family, always.


  5. Nay says:

    God’s work should never cease to amaze us, but somehow it does.
    I’m proud to be a prayer partner on Seth’s behalf and thank God for how far he’s brought Seth.
    Please continue to keep us updated, I’m sure he’s found a special play in all our hearts.
    Hugs and prayers
    Nay, NC/US


  6. Missy Washburn says:

    Love this! Thank you so much for the update and video 👍 Seth looks great and we will continue to pray and wish you all only the best. 😊 Thumbs up!!!!!!!


  7. Amy and Aliyah says:

    Looks great!!! He looks so much better… Nice video. We didn’t make it on there though. 😦 ah well. Keep getting better Seth!!!! You are a rockstar!!!

    Amy and Aliyah


  8. Nicole Lechuga says:

    I am so happy to read these updates. I’ve followed your beautiful family since the request for #WearYellowForSethDay came out. I have cried, laughed, been happy and sad along with you in each of your updates. What a blessing! You’re famous Seth!!



  9. Lesley-anne says:

    What an amazing year…. So happy it’s ended on a massive high for you all!!!! And what a transformation in Seth!!! Love the video!!! Especially the end when he jumps!!!! Wee soldier 💛💛💛💛


  10. Val says:

    Just seen the memory on my FB about the wear yellow for Seth so I decided to see what was going on… So happy to see he’s doing well I’ve now saved this to my favorites on my phone and look forward to more updates… Keep fighting little buddy!!!


  11. Claudia Leu says:

    Last time I’ve read news about Seth, I got sad. Last year I wore yellow for Seth, took pictures, posted it, used the hashtag…now I am so happy to see how good he is in this picture!! I loved the video too! Glad to know de “Dad’s magic” is working and that the transplant had worked too. It has just made my day 🙂 I mean, I guess it has made much more than this…things like that make us believe in God, in faith and maybe in miracles too. So happy for you and your family! Love from Brazil!! ❤


  12. Rita Cicchetti says:

    I just love this happy face. He is the cutest miracle I have ever seen. I’m so happy that he is doing well. Always praying for Seth and your family. God bless always


  13. Leslie Santos says:

    Oh my he looks wonderful!! I love this little guy. Thank you for the update Leanne!! He’s just such a beautiful child inside and out. I pray that your “long” stays forever. So much love for you.


  14. Jenny Childs says:

    With so much bad in the world, Seth has brought out the good in people. What a truly inspiring story he has brought us through and what an inspiring family you all are.


  15. Christina A. says:

    I’m so happy for you dear, Seth is looking beautiful! I have kept up with your amazing story on and off for almost two year. I believe I found out about his story because of the wear yellow for Seth that I was seeing on the Internet. So happy you can all resume some form of normalcy. It can be quite a strange happy feeling when you get to go back to the “old routine.” So unbelievably happy for you! He’s looking like the healthy little boy he’s supposed to be. Congrats dear!

    From Louisiana, USA


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