T:298 Boy turns 6!!

So a quick and cheeky update no The past two weeks have been very busy for our little soldier! He has had his 6th Birthday! A very different experience than last year when he was allowed out of the room to open his presents, but he got ill whilst he was out so had to go back to his room. That was the last time he left his room until after transplant.

This year he had a party with a children’s entertainer, cake, food, music and face painting!


Tom and Jerry AND Octonauts cake – because he couldn’t decide!!! (not made by mummy – Cake making is NOT a talent of mine! haha


Helping make the food for the buffet!



Doing tricks with ‘Mr Custard’!





Playing with his new toys


A VERY serious game of Chairs!


Out and about…boys and their Wellies!

45 thoughts on “T:298 Boy turns 6!!

  1. Tracy IToole says:

    Hi Seth I am so happy u are doing so much better and for your amazing party. U look amazing and very happy .

    Thinking of u always,
    Tracy Otoole


  2. Delphi says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Seth!!! We love you and my husband happened to ask the other night – “I wonder how Seth is doing?” We’re so happy to see you’re doing well and continuing to get better – we’ll keep you in our prayers. Happy Birthday little man – you’re such an inspiration to us all. 🙂


  3. Laura says:

    Happy Birthday Seth!!! I am soo glad to see you out playing and doing so well. You hit a great milestone you’re 6th birthday. you are such a beautiful boy and I soooo hope you continue to be well. Thank you so much for keeping us updated and sharing pictures. Loved the Batman face and the cake!


  4. Jane Mayhew says:

    What a wonderful update. So, so happy for Seth and all of you too! Wonderful pictures of an incredibly brave and strong little boy! Love!


  5. Jemma Cabral says:

    Happy Birthday Seth! What a HUGE difference a year makes! So glad to see that you are doing so well and enjoying life!!! Wishing all the best to you and your family always!! You’re such an inspiration!!!!


  6. Nay says:

    Happy Birthday Seth! Wow looks like you had a wonderful time 🙂 You sure are growing and I see God is still blessing you. My prayers continue for you and your family! Thrilled to see that you’re doing well.
    Love, hugs and prayers


  7. Lori DeFrias says:

    Happy 6th Birthday Seth! I hope you had an amazing day. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Your BATMAN face looked awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Prachi says:

    Belated happy birthday to the little angel! Am so happy so happy to see him having fun and you all having a good time too..thanks a lot for the update..luv the cake , the batman face , all the pics ! Lots luv and wishes for just having the happiest times ever now . always


  9. Ma. Erica C. Brendia says:

    Belated happy birthday seth 😘 we are so happy that now you celebrated your birthday outside and you look so happy in your pictures. .we always pray for you 🙂
    God bless seth and always smile and be happy 😍😍😍


  10. Marita Healy says:

    So delighted to see Seth enjoying life with all his friends. I look forward to your updates and it is a joy to see him going from strength to strength.
    Every good wish for continued good health and happiness to your amazing family.


  11. Liz Jolie says:

    Happy Birthday Seth !!! You look Great !!!!! You are such a Big Boy now !! Love to you All from San Diego ! — Liz and Dollie Bee Dog !


  12. Lauri Wayne says:

    Happy happy 6th birthday little man! We are all so happy to hear how well you are doing! Keep up the good work! Lots of love from New Hampshire, USA


  13. Meg says:

    Looks like you had a fabulous 6th birthday Seth with loads of great prezzies. I see Tom and Jerry are one of your favourites now, they’re my favourite too. I hope you have a wonderful sixth year with lots of new and exciting things happening for you and I look forward to seeing you at your 7th birthday party. Love you special Super Hero. xxx. 🎂 🎉


  14. sandra f burk says:

    Happy Big 6th Birthday Seth and sorry I’m late!
    The pictures are always a Joy to look at to see how well you’re doing, which is beyond FANTASTIC!, and also watch you and ‘lil bro Hugo growing so fast! My Wish is that every Wish YOU Wish will come true! LOVED your cake! Hi & hugs to all of you and thank mummy & daddy for the updates!
    ❤ Your Friend Sandi in CA USA


  15. Alaide Cristina says:

    Oh meu amor, sua história me comoveu, há tempos sei da sua história e sua batalha! Sempre que vejo suas fotos me emociono!!! Você é um príncipe, um guerreiro, e rezo e peço a Deus muita saúde, alegria e muitos muitos muitos anos te vida pra você! Beijos


  16. Linda Brown says:

    Seth, I know you had a wonderful birthday! I bet you got some great birthday presents! You look wonderful, stay healthy my little friend! You have many friends around the world that pray for you everyday, me included! So you just keep being a happy little guy! 😍🐢🐬🎂🎈🎈


  17. Jenny Childs says:

    What a difference a year has made!! Happy Birthday, it clearly was. I can see where the last photo was taken Leanne.


  18. Lesley-anne says:

    These photos are fab!!!! What a difference from last year! Great to see him running about having fun and playing with his brother!!!!! Hope he had a great birthday!!!! Love his white streak!! Very cool 💛💛💛


  19. Antoinette says:

    I love that Tom and Jerry cake. They were my favorite while growing up and still are. My 4 year old son like the Octonauts:)


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