Today: T+20

I am not going to ‘wang’ on today….. I am going to let the pictures do the talking for the most of it.

But to start things are going well and I am allowing myself to enjoy it. It may be short-term, it may not. I’m not becoming complacent I am just enjoying today, and today is GOOD!

Neutrophils are 3.44!!!!

Seth has not required oxygen all day.

His cheeky character is back and he’s been doing school and playing games as much as he can. He still gets tired easily and is sleeping a lot. But that is to be expected at this stage.


He is tolerating the milk feeds so we are increasing them slowly each day.

AND MORE IMPORTANTLY for half an hour today we did this:


127 thoughts on “Today: T+20

  1. Sandy Kalp says:

    God is good!!! So so thrilled to see that spectacular smile of Seth’s again!!! Keep taking steps on the road to health! Love you to the moon and back little man!! Your extended family is praying for you and cheering for every single improvement as they happen. Just keep going…just keep going..xoxo


  2. Rutuja bari says:

    Sethhhhhh little baby…told you it’s all going to work for you…and look it is…loads of love little one 💛💛💛💛💛


  3. savannah says:

    I have been following you guys since wear yellow day and this is the first time I read the post over and over. Soo awesome! He is the toughest little boy! And your the strongest parents!!


  4. Linda Brown says:

    So good to see that he is out, and he looks so very happy! So good to see that you also have a big smile on your face. I wish you all Gods Blessings!


  5. Connie says:

    PRAISE GOD!!!!! It is wonderful to see that precious little face with such a beautiful smile!!! I pray EVERYTHING continues to go well!! What a fighter!!!! 💛💛💛💛💛


  6. Donna Benoit says:

    Just Love you Seth !! You beautiful boy… I continue to send you healing and energetic thoughts each day, as soon as I wake up., I am praying that your hands will heal quickly… Never want you to feel pain.. It has visited you enough… I am so in awe of these last pics of you… and your beautiful smile.. You look so happy… you can teach us all a thing or two on the real value of life. XOXO


  7. Gurvinder says:

    this is so sweet it touched my heart and I have been following you since. It is so good to see seth’s progress and I pray he gets better and better as the days go on. These pictures are beautiful and the God bless all of you through these times. Xxx


  8. Sue says:

    These pictures paint more than a thousand words and I am sure that they have warmed more than a thousand hearts. I am so happy that Seth was able to enjoy the outdoors and some family time away from his hospital bed. I have some understanding of how very special those little “trips” are to your family. As Seth has done to countless others, he has stolen my heart. He is absolutely beautiful!


  9. Sandy Harrington says:

    That is so awesome! I pray for him & your family everyday. What a special little boy. He is so lucky to have you guys as his mom & dad, God bless you all.


  10. Polly Wooding says:

    Those pictures have made all of us smile this morning. We’re currently living at King’s College hospital with our baby boy (been here 5 weeks so far, and awaiting a transplant), and although our situation is different to yours we can empathise so much with you. Seth really is a little superstar, and you guys must be very, very proud. Sending all of our love xx


  11. Polly Wooding says:

    Reblogged this on Life of a Liver Mum and commented:
    This little guy is just amazing. His joy at being outside is so clear to see and has made us smile today. Ross and I think of him all the time and we’re keeping everything crossed that things continue the way they are for him. Xx


  12. qtydimples2005 says:

    Seeing you guys happy and smiling really made me cry because I’m very glad and thankful that Seth is getting better as what we are always asking to God. He is such a real fighter and an inspiration also Seth’s parents for continuously and undying love and support to their little Hero. I know everything will be doing great by God’s grace and mercy. More yellow kisses and tightest hugs to Seth :* God blesd


  13. Kathy says:

    Hi Seth from Canada…The boys and I are some happy to see you feeling better !!! Keep up the great work and those wonderful SMILES you have. I love those Ducks you were feeding, we have some here too, they must be all over the place 🙂 LOL I see you have the game HeadBandz….we used to have that game along time ago, I never played it much, do you like it? It looks like you enjoyed it more than I did….You dad looks funny with his headband on doesn’t he…hehehehe…..Have a fantastic Day Seth….Say Hi to your family !!!!! Kathy, Philip and Benjamen


  14. Phoebe says:

    Oh my goshhhhh! It makes me so happy to see him smiling so brightly. May God watch over you dear Seth and I wish you a smooth recovery! Stay strong Seth’s mom and dad.


  15. Margo says:

    Hi Seth,
    I don’t know you for real, but I come here regularly to read news about the little superhero that you are. Your mom keeps telling everybody how brave you are, and that’s your superpower. Be brave, be positive and always see the world on the bright (on the yellow?) side!
    There are so many people who support you and even if you can’t see all of us, know that are are thousands. We support you and send you positive energy.

    A French fan of superhero Seth!


  16. abc says:

    He didn’t lose the gorgeous eyelashes after all (you mentioned them in a previous post, talking about the chemo).

    You go Seth! The world is rooting for YOUUUUUU!

    Clean and germ-free hugs!


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