Who is this Seth anyway?!

Being born and living with a life limiting illness (that leads your mum to write about it on the Internet) means that loads of people know your face, your diagnosis and other bits, but don’t really know you… So I though it would be nice for you readers to get to know our lad, who is more than a bubble boy. Actually I’m pretty sure Seth doesn’t consider himself to be ill. He just thinks we’re all a bit mental!

He may be stuck in a room with no where to go….but this boy still has things to do!


Seth has always been a stickler for the rules..(those of you who know me will realise how  proud that makes me!!). Seth believes everything has its place and his playroom at home is managed through “one toy in…one toy out”. He often shakes his head with a tut and a sigh when other children have been in and (naturally) trashed the place.

This acceptance of rules is the bane of his fathers life at times as he is often told “not like that daddy” and daddy is often on the receiving end of a disapproving grunt and stare if something hasn’t been done as it should. Even his daily injection (which he hates) if it isn’t done on time daddy gets a good telling off!!

The bane of our lives…….firman sam – or anything fireman related….


Favourite pyjamas (standard)


Christmas list – everything fire or rescue related from the argos catalogue


His BEST days EVER – a day at the firestation


Showing the fireman how its done


A small part of his fire engine collection. This child serious has every fire engine ever made…EVER!


Th new addition to his rescue addiction – paw patrol!

He’s genuinely a very affectionate boy:

Totally besotted with his baby brother who arrived October 2015

Totally besotted with his baby brother who arrived October 2014


Adores his daddy

Adores his daddy


and the dog……who appreciates it!


…like REALLY appreciates it


and a bit of a plonker…..


Throwing confetti at mummy at our wedding




Excited for Peppa Pig world





Loves nothing more than having his hair cut....but ONLY by Vicky!

Loves nothing more than having his hair cut….but ONLY by Vicky!

and he will give anything a go…








even a bit of posing…


were just proud that he makes the most of his life.

292 thoughts on “Who is this Seth anyway?!

  1. Jakey Ausmus says:

    Hello Ma’am from the States! The Pacific Northwest to be specific. I wanted to let you know how much Seth’s story touched me, I couldn’t imagine my little brother going through this so well, he is a trooper I can tell. Is there anyway to send him something nice? Like Paw Patrol toys or something to the hospital? I came into a bit of money and I would really like to send him something, Thank you for your time!


    • LJLane says:

      Hello jakey. Thank you for your message. If you would like to send him something you can do so at: Seth Lane, Ward 3, Great North, Children’s Hospital, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcasrle Upon Tyne, England, NE1 4LP


  2. minelly says:

    Seth you are the sweetest/strongest little man and you have amazing parents supporting you. You’ll get through this. Ill spread the word and let everyone know to wear yellow that day.
    Lots of love,


    • Sri Williams says:

      Hi Seth, you are Hero…your reminds me of my niece (6 yo) who has a leukimia
      You are strong and Happy Boy, My niece are from Indonesia and I live in Oregon with my husband. Now your on our praying list everyday..We Love You Seth

      Note : Just an idea since i did this to my niece who has a cancer so it might will make Seth Happy too 😉
      I put her story at http://www.sendkidstheworld.com .since then until now she still get cards from all over the world, anyways can i send him a card ?? and where i have to send it ?? 😉


      • LJLane says:

        Hi. Thanks for your message. You can send Seth a card to: Seth Lane, Ward 3, Great North Childrens Hospital, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, ne1 4lp


  3. Linda says:

    Hey lil Hero Seth
    I have been reading your blog and wanted to write to you.
    I think you are much smarter than .most kids your age
    You are so sweet and quite handsome. I have shared
    Everything about you to friends and family and to my
    Grandchildren . we will all wear YELLOW for you.. I look
    forward to reading more on the blog.You.and your family
    Are in my prayers. Hang tough. And my grandson ask me
    to tell you he loves fireman Sam and he really loves Transformers
    Love and {{{{Hugs}}}} to you and your family

    You.are a Wonderful Boy
    Linda from Bay Saint Louis Mississippi
    Will think of you and build SANDCASTLE
    and send pictures..will Name it SETHS CASTLE.


  4. PAT M. says:

    Seth, I fell in Love with you when I first saw you. You are one darling, busy little guy. I will wear yellow that day, for you Honey, and am spreading the word. yes,
    and lots of love to you. Pat and Jerry


  5. Luna says:

    Thank you for sharing Seth’s story! My son also has a PI (selective IgA deficiency) and we will be wearing yellow on Friday for Seth! Thinking lots of positive transplant thoughts for your family and esp for fireman Seth !!


  6. Kyle jaggers says:

    Hey Seth , I’m 15 years old and I was heartbroken and in tears when I heard your story . My little brother who is also 5 loves paw patrol too ! He has all of the little stuffed animals . But you are a tough little guy , you make the best out of every day you have . If I could I would send you a whole lot of paw patrol and fireman sam toys . And that’s actually one of the things I came here for , to see if you’re parents wouldent mind me sending you some toys for you to play with while your in the hospital . If you wouldent mind contacting me my email is kylejaggs@hotmail.com and won’t think twice before sending your tough little man some toys. Prayers are being sent to you little guy . Love , Kyle.


  7. Middle schooler says:

    Hello I am a middle schooler and my school has been doing a fundraiser for your child seth this week we have been having spirit week and every day if you dressed up you would bring in a donation we will be taking a school picture of us all wearing yellow on march 26th(because we don’t have school friday) and posting it on march 27th #wearyellowforseth. We have money for you guys regarding Seth’s treatment. We would like to donate money for FOR SETHS FUTURE TREATMENTS. I was wondering how we would get the money to you. Please write back soon!!!


    • LJLane says:

      Hi. Thank you very much for your message and thank you to everyone at your school for thinking of us. Fortunately Seth’s treatment is paid for by the national health service in England. So we don’t have any medical bills. A family friend set up a go fund me page to support Seth in the future for his needs and development which is http://www.gofundme/supportseth. Or if you’d prefer you could donate to the bubble foundation which is a charity that provides support and defunding for children and their families, like Seth b


  8. Middle schooler says:

    Thank you, If i were to donate to the bubble foundation is their a certain way that I should do that? is their a website?


  9. Middle Schooler says:

    Hi Mrs. Lane,
    I go to the same school as she does ^^^^^^^^^^^^ and I’d like you to know that we are so honored and pleased to be able to help Seth through this journey. On Thursday, March 26th, our entire school will be joining us in wearing yellow for Seth along with other fun things for a spirit week we are doing. I’m not sure what you prefer for our money that we are receiving, but my friend and I were planning on sending it directly to you and Seth. Along with the money we were planning on sending the picture of our whole school wearing yellow for Seth. I can let you know by Thursday how much money we have received and I hope everything goes well for Seth and your family.

    Thank You!


    • LJLane says:

      Thank you we’re very kind. We’re happy for you to donate your money however you please. Thank you for thinking of us and supporting us!!! Cannot wait to see your picture!!!


      • Middle Schooler says:

        I will let you know by email on Thursday March 26th how much money our school raised for Seth. Could I get your email.

        Thank you


  10. yellan656 says:

    Dear Seth
    I adore you very much ,you are the world ,you are so important to the world ,to humans , to Life .
    you are cute beauty strong with a fine Wonderful Soul and a big heart My heart ,is melting,since i took only One look on you
    there is a wish ,coming from my heart ,That YOU
    get healthy and live a Wonderful Life and very very long with All the luck
    I m from Germany ,my Name is Sylvia ,thousand kisses ❤


  11. Rébecca says:

    i’m french,nd i saw something about you on facebook,you are really so much cute,so much smarter than every kids of your age,i will try my best to wear yellow shirt on 27 march and i just wanted to tell you that:
    You are so strong,wonderful, amazing and your parents also. i follow and i support you so much.
    i wish the best for you and your family;
    Soon i will try my best to donate some money for you. ANd i will share everything about you to my friends and family !
    Lots of love, and a thousand hugs !
    I will pray for you
    Stay strong !!!


  12. sammy0333 says:

    Hi, just wanted to say what an amazing story. Seth seems like a wonderful little boy. I am a primary school teacher of reception and year one children. My class has really taken to Seth’s story and on Friday we will be wearing yellow ribbon. The children have alread made pictures and cards for Seth and I was wondering if we could post them to you? Blossom class very much have Seth in their hearts. Xxx


    • LJLane says:

      That’s lovely thank you. You can post to Seth Lane, Ward 3, Great North Childrens hospital, royal Victoria infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, NE1 4LP


  13. Lindsay S. says:

    What is Seth allowed to have in the hospital? i would love to send him something as well!! Something Paw Patrol, can he get new blankets? stickers? I don’t want to send him something he won’t be able to enjoy. Thank you!


  14. monse says:

    Omgawd This Is Really. sad But You’ll See That This Will Be Over Soon Because a you Are A Strong Lil Firman SoMuch Kisses And Love From Me❤ When I Seen Your Video Of Wear Yellow For Seth I Fell In love Your So Adorable And Your So Brave 💯 Buhh That’s Good Because EveryOne Needs A Brave Fireman ILoveeYouu .!! -Monse ❤


    • LJLane says:

      Hello Melisha. You can send things to him at: Seth Lane, Ward 3, Great North Children’s Hospital, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, NE1 4LP


  15. Danielle mata says:

    My school and I would like to send some toys what would be a address we could do that, and how do we know that we can be guaranteed that Seth would receive them??


    • LJLane says:

      Hello you can send direct to Seth if you like? Seth Lane, Ward 3, Great North Children’s Hospital, Royal Victoria Hospital, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, NE1 4LP


      • Danielle mata says:

        Thank you. What excatly is the address and what is the rest mean? The room I wanna make sure it’s right


  16. Rachel Perry says:

    I just saw this and I broke down…. what a brave a sweet little boy!!!! I went though cancer… and I can’t even imagine….. I want to help…. I have no MO ey… I have prayers…. and I would seriously be willing to be a doner…. I don’t know of even if I could be…. But I will! If he is waiting because he has no donor…. I really would!!! He deserves the best! I see his heart though just the pics and the video I just watched! Angles watch over!!! And bless him Lord God… in your name….Amen!


  17. Irene says:

    Hi Baby Seth. You really brought me to tears. I’m praying for your speedy recovery. You’re such an angel. God loves you and God heals. Hugs and kisses Dearie :* I promise to wear yellow shirt tomorrow and I’ll encourage my FB friends to wear yellow too. GOD BLESS #fromPhilippines


  18. Teresa says:

    Hi Seth!! I am a college student in St. Louis, Missouri, and I heard about your story a couple days ago. Your life is inspiring and I love seeing all of the pictures! I just wanted you to know your life has had an impact on A LOT of people, including mine, and I think you are an amazing little kid!! I am sharing your story and I will send prayers your way as often as I can. 🙂 I’ll be wearing yellow to school tomorrow 😀


  19. Savannah Bogus says:

    Hi Seth & parents! My Name is Savannah I am 16 years old from a small town in Idaho in the US. I was really touched by your story! You’re a very strong little man! I will be wearing yellow for you tomorrow! I would like to send you a picture! I just do not know where to send it to.

    I in a way can relate to you. I spend a lot of time in and out of the hospital. Every doctor I go to I get the same answer. We don’t know why you have seizures but here is another medication that might stop them. I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 13 years old. I refuse to accept that I have this awful disease. I am 16 and there are so many things that I cannot do that all of my friends can. I can’t drive, swim (without a life jacket) ride a bike, & other things. I am praying for you. I want you to grow up to be a healthy 16 year old boy. I want you to be able to do the things I cannot. No, one should be robbed of their childhood from sickness. These are the best years of you’re life. So many people are supporting you. I believe that you can make it through this. God bless you & your family little one. 😊


  20. Jack Ricau says:

    My wife and I will be wearing yellow for Seth tomorrow (March 27). I have been thinking of Seth and his family ever since I saw the video. I have also told other people about Seth and they will be wearing Yellow for Seth also. I truly believe that Seth will get through this. Much love and support.

    Jack-Baton Rouge, LA. USA


  21. Onis says:

    Hi Seth. My name is Onis. You are an amazing, special little guy. I wish you all the best and I will definitely wear yellow tomorrow to show my love & support for you. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

    Brooklyn, NY USA


  22. Elizabeth says:

    Hello, Seth’s story really touch my heart. I have a little sister that went through 6 open heart surgeries at the age of 6. These little angels are so strong.. I believe Seth will overcome all the difficulties and get better soon. I would love to send him anything that would make him happy, if you allow me. Please let me know. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. And deff wearing yellow tomorrow 🙂


  23. Janet Jeje-Cruz says:

    Hello handsome Seth, you’re an amazing kiddo & I love your video. A friend shared it on facebook & I just had to share it. I’ll be wearing yellow just for you. I want you to know that I may be living so many thousands of miles across the ocean from where you’re at, I’ll be praying for your quick recovery & look forward to seeing more of your handsome face.


  24. Estrella says:

    I’m Supporting you today Seth I hope your surgery goes well I wish you the best of luck. I really want to meet you I look up to you little man(: Me and a bunch of my friends are supporting you today please get our picture off of facebook to get posted in your room(: Estrella Garcia is the profile you will find a bunch of pictures of me and friends who are supporting you (: *thumbs up*


  25. Eric Burns says:

    Happy Birthday….. I am a Paramedic and Chief of a department in New Madison, Ohio USA and I suffer from CVID Common Variable immunity Disorder so I have a little understanding of what you struggle with every day. I and my staff would love to send you a package for your birthday with items from our department> Could we please get a mailing address so we can send you a box of goodies from our department.
    Fight the good fight Seth stay strong and I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts.
    Eric Burns, Paramedic and Chief of Tri-Village rescue Services


  26. Diana Slater says:

    I am a coach for the Kalispell Krushers, a special olympic team in Kalispell Montana, and your video touched the hearts of all our athletes and coaches. They all wanted to be apart of this so we will be wearing yellow today to show are support. We have track practice today and will take a picture of our team wearing yellow just for Seth!!

    You are an amazing family! I can tell from the smile that Seth is pure joy and love!! Hopefully realizing that people all around the world are with him on his journey and sending fun pictures will give him one more reason to smile! Thank you for sharing your wonderful son and amazing family with all of us! Sending love and prayers!


  27. A Fellow Zebra says:

    Seth and Seth’s Mommy!
    I am deeply touched by your bravery in sharing your story and helping to raise awareness for SCID and other primary immunodeficiencies. I have CVID and want to say thank you for all the work you are doing for the PID community. I’m wearing yellow and wishing Seth a speedy recovery, stronger ever day little man!


  28. Su says:

    Hey Seth!

    I only learned about you today via #WearYellowForSeth -all around the world, we’re wearing your favourite colour to support you.

    You’re the cutest and bravest little guy I’ve ever seen. You look so happy, so positive that it makes me smile. Keep smiling!

    Oh and yes, yes you can do it. You’re a fighter, and if you keep up the good work, one day you can become a firefighter even! Never give up.

    We love you, Seth.


  29. Zoe says:

    Seth you are one beautiful child, your story brought tears too my eyes. I can see you like paw patrol and firetrucks, i would love to send you down some toys if that is okay with you?


    • LJLane says:

      Hi Zoe. Thank you for your message. If you would like to send Seth something you can to: Seth Lane, Ward 3, Great North Children’s Hospital, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, NE1 4LP


  30. Camila Beltran says:

    I’m writing this from Colombia, I am in the other side of the world but your history really touch my heart… Seth! Little one keep on fighting every single day because you have a mom who loves you like nobody in the whole world!! Every single night from now one I’ll pray for you and let’s hope God hear all of us!! And for the family keep fighting and hoping God knows what you are doing!!… I don’t like yellow but today I asked my mom for a yellow sweater and every time I see it I’ll think about that little hero!! 🙂


  31. Brenn McClure says:

    Adriana Marie Helinski 03/27/15 Talent show wearing yellow 4 Seth Lane #WearYellowForSeth She knew he was in need of another surgery and dedicated this song to him. Our family is praying for him.



  32. Sarah says:

    Hello Seth !
    I just saw your video and I am truly touched. As a doctor-to-be, it is sad to know that there are currently not better possibilities or treatments available and you have to suffer from such grave side-effects. I hope, my fellow colleagues around the world will find a good cure and help you to become an even more wonderful grown up man. I really adore your spirit and your cute little face! I know it’s hard but keep on fighting. There are so many people supporting you from all over the world and you have a wonderful family who loves and cares for you deeply.

    I am so sorry I watched your video too late and since I am currently in South Korea I do not have my yellow shirt with me. But I will take a picture as soon as I return on Easter and send it to you. Maybe you will still have some room on your wall 🙂

    Much much love and strength to you and your family,
    your Sarah from Germany

    P.S. If you ever come to Germany, let me know and I will hook you up with my best friend, who is a firefighter and can show you around and let you ride the truck. 🙂


  33. Courtney Murphy says:

    Precious Seth & family…

    Our daughter, Shannon Hope, was born with SCID (ommen’s syndrome) on August 31, 2011 and we know full well the path you have walked. Our hearts are with yours. I know we are across the pond and I wish we were closer so we could serve you directly, but we will send a care package to Seth.

    Hugs to you!

    “The Lord bless you and keep you, The Lord make His face shine upon you and bring you peace.” Numbers 6:24


  34. Reinhard Hopf says:

    Hello my friend seth
    my name is Reinhard I’m from Germany and I live near Bamberg in Franconia (Bavaria).
    I must say you’re really a dear little man and have really great parents.
    Your story made me very sad.
    You are really a great fighter.
    I will press our fingers crossed that you can do it and pray for you !!

    Your friend from Franconia Reinhard


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