Who is this Seth anyway?!

Being born and living with a life limiting illness (that leads your mum to write about it on the Internet) means that loads of people know your face, your diagnosis and other bits, but don’t really know you… So I though it would be nice for you readers to get to know our lad, who is more than a bubble boy. Actually I’m pretty sure Seth doesn’t consider himself to be ill. He just thinks we’re all a bit mental!

He may be stuck in a room with no where to go….but this boy still has things to do!


Seth has always been a stickler for the rules..(those of you who know me will realise how  proud that makes me!!). Seth believes everything has its place and his playroom at home is managed through “one toy in…one toy out”. He often shakes his head with a tut and a sigh when other children have been in and (naturally) trashed the place.

This acceptance of rules is the bane of his fathers life at times as he is often told “not like that daddy” and daddy is often on the receiving end of a disapproving grunt and stare if something hasn’t been done as it should. Even his daily injection (which he hates) if it isn’t done on time daddy gets a good telling off!!

The bane of our lives…….firman sam – or anything fireman related….


Favourite pyjamas (standard)


Christmas list – everything fire or rescue related from the argos catalogue


His BEST days EVER – a day at the firestation


Showing the fireman how its done


A small part of his fire engine collection. This child serious has every fire engine ever made…EVER!


Th new addition to his rescue addiction – paw patrol!

He’s genuinely a very affectionate boy:

Totally besotted with his baby brother who arrived October 2015

Totally besotted with his baby brother who arrived October 2014


Adores his daddy

Adores his daddy


and the dog……who appreciates it!


…like REALLY appreciates it


and a bit of a plonker…..


Throwing confetti at mummy at our wedding




Excited for Peppa Pig world





Loves nothing more than having his hair cut....but ONLY by Vicky!

Loves nothing more than having his hair cut….but ONLY by Vicky!

and he will give anything a go…








even a bit of posing…


were just proud that he makes the most of his life.

292 thoughts on “Who is this Seth anyway?!

  1. Mike says:

    Reading this blog is the best thing I’ve done in a while.

    Seth, thank you for making my day, and keep fighting little man. I’ll be checking back regularly to see how your doing mate.

    Peace & love from London.


      • LJLane says:

        Hello if you google bone marrow registry it should come up with the relevant registry for your country. Seth has a donor- his dad will be donating this time. Thank you


    • Robin Whitley says:

      Smiles, Sitting here Sunday Morning,and I.came across your story on.FaceBook..Made me Smile, made me Tear up ; (…♡All my Thoughts and Prayers for you and Seth !I will.be sending.a donation to your go find me account..


  2. Renee says:

    Hi Seth from Michigan. I teach 5th grade and I am going to ask our staff and students to wear yellow for you. I will be praying for your health. God Bless you Seth.



  3. Kellie Calhoun says:

    I’m thinking about you and your family. Seth is the cutest little munchkin. ❤ i will be wearing yellow for you Seth!


  4. billy says:

    your son’s storie has touched me and my family I have Two 5 year olds and a 9 month old and we’re all going to wear yellow for him.


  5. Nikki says:

    Your son is such an inspiration! I have been typing in this box for about 15 minutes now and I just can’t think of any words that truly express how touched I am by your little boy. He really is just perfect and I hope he continues to live his life to the fullest after he jumps over this hurdle again. I have marked down Seth’s special day of yellow on my calendar and hope he smiles even wider than I have been while scrolling through your page when he sees all the pictures.

    Best wishes from Canada 🙂


  6. Jordan Bray says:

    I will have everyone at work wear yellow!!! Also if you are interested in creating an awareness campaign please contact me! I would love to make that happen, it’s amazing what people will do if they just were informed of what research and awareness can do!


  7. Cheska says:

    Awwwww! 😍 he’s so cute! You inspired me seth, you’re now my idol i know you’re strong little kid. I love you! i want to meet you seth!! I will be praying for you ” #wearyellowforseth ” best hashtag ever i’m gonna wear yellow for you. Philippines’ loves you. xoxo 😘❤️❤️


  8. Billie says:

    I work at an elementary school in Magnolia, Tx & we will wear yellow for you!!! It’s my favorite color too….I would like for your mom to know that I am on the national registry to be a bone marrow donor. I would love to help or donate. Please feel free to email me…….💛💛💛


  9. Jose Quintero says:

    Hello Seth !! you are a strong little man. We’ll be praying for you and your family… I send you A BIG HUG from Mexico City. and Yes I will paint all day with YELLOW on March 27th.


  10. Frank says:

    As a (very) new parent, I can only vaguely imagine what you and your family are going through. It brings me to tears, that innocent children are subjected to life threatening diseases such as this. If there were anything I could do to help you along, least of all would be to wear yellow and pose for a photo.

    My thoughts are with you, little man!


  11. Daniela Neumann says:

    little beautifull Boy, i send You all my love from switzerland. I wish you all the best, also for your Family. ❤️ #wearyellowforseth#


  12. Grace says:

    Hi Seth, if I could only be your nurse on the 27th, I would. Have faith, everything’s gonna be alright, you are such an inspiration and you are soooo adorable. Keep on believing baby boy. Get well. I will keep on praying for you. -Grace, Philippines


  13. Sara Mirick says:

    Hi Seth! You are sooooo precious! I’m sorry you’re having to deal with such a big thing at such a young age, but with love and support, I know you’ll be okay. 💟 I want to send you something to show some love all the way from Massachusetts. I will find out how. Xoxo sweet little man!


  14. Lindsay S. says:

    You can tell by the video you posted that he is very precise!! Holding each poster up perfectly, making sure to keep that sweet smile!! Something about your little boy has truly captured my heart, he reminds me of my boy in some ways. Love to you all from Monrovia, CA!! xoxoxo


  15. ForTheSakeOfAnimals says:

    What about doing YELLOW wristbands that say something like PRAYING FOR SETH?
    https://www.wristband-depot.com/fundraiser.html It really could help with the fund raising efforts. Close to 500,000 people have shared the video on Facebook. Surely everyone could afford $2 USD for a wristband. In the meantime you’re in my prayers Seth and family. 😉


    • LJLane says:

      This is something we’ve recently thought of. And I like the idea. However we think it may be too late to organise. We really did not expect anything like this so had nothing planned really!


  16. Sylvia Greene says:

    Beautiful boy so happy and loved. Thank you for sharing and allowing us to help and meet you all. Praying for God’s protection, mercy and grace. I love you! SYLVIA


  17. Courtney Ezell says:

    Praying for Seth and his family for such a young boy, he has an amazing outlook. My family and i will definitely be wearing yellow!!!! XOXO from Oklahoma


  18. Becky Lay says:

    Dear Seth you are one of God’s special angels God has chosen to live on our earth. You have very loving parents. I became a grandma on February 16,2015 but lost my 27 week old granddaughter MIA to brain disorder. She weighted on 1 lb. 3.5 oz. and was 11 3/4 inches long. She would have been the joy of my life as I have waited 64 years for her. But God decided he needed her in Heaven more than we need her on earth. I pray for you and your family and tell all of my friends to wear yellow just for SETH!!!!! You and your family deserve a life of health & happiness. Many blessing to you and yours and keep that BIG SMILE GOING SETH.!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. Dalton says:

    i wanted to say I soport you an will be wearing yellow on March 27 an so will my wife. An I was wondering how or if anyway someone could donate bone marrow. I would love to help.


    • LJLane says:

      Hello. If you want to be a donor you place yourself on the relevant registry for your country. If you google bone marrow registry it should come up. Seth has a donor- his dad. But there are so many people needing a donor you may be able to save someone’s life.


  20. chantal an jeremiah says:

    hi seth am chantal keep yr head hun u will make it u are 4 ever a god sent child he is all ways with u am from trinidad an when i saw u an read yr story it touch me i have a son who saw u he is 2 he said yr cute he was born parts of his hand missing u guys are the most loving an strong kids i know an i will wear yellow 4 u my son an i


  21. Joey Jaggears says:

    Hello I am truly touched by Sam. I have donated bone Marrow before and if I’m a match I would do it again anytime. I don’t know how it works but maybe you can talk to your doctors and they can find out if me and Sam are a match. I am a single father of two and would give anything for a child. I hope someone would do the same if my kids needed it.
    Thank you and God bless,
    Joey Jaggears from Texas


  22. Renee says:

    Thank you for sharing. What an amazing family you have. Seth- I teach 112 seventh and eighth graders in Oregon. We’ll be thinking of you on March 27th and will wear yellow to support you!! Much love.


  23. Ekaterine says:

    I m very impressed ,he is adorable child,love his smile all my prays with him .I have also 5 years old son and we definitely are going to wear yellow sending lot of love and prays from Georgia


  24. Danielle mata says:

    I have not stopped thinking of Seth since I saw his video on FB. He’s on my mind every minute of everyday😊 although we may never meet in this life time I have a lot of love for you and your family ❤️ I feel like you are part of my Family already! Seth you are my hero and are in my Prayers everyday. God Bless you and help you recover and always remember you can be anything in the world. Much Love your new Friend
    Danielle Mata


  25. Kayler Skidmore says:

    Seth you are the most adorable boy i have ever seen. You are in my prayer. My family will be wearing yellow for you


  26. dpcpap says:

    What a beautiful boy, and a beautiful family. We will be thinking of you and praying for you. We will send our family picture of yellow! With love from Washington state.


  27. sarah says:

    i want to send yellow balloons to the hospital. could he have those or see them from his isolation space to match all the yellow tshirts? sweet sweet boy.


  28. Elaine Martinez says:

    Prayers from New Jersey!.God Bless you….wish I could come and play X box games with you Seth….you are so beautiful….. God Bless you sweet sweet little one And your wonderful family.


  29. Anam says:

    Hiii the cutest baby boy ever. When i read about you i decided to wear yellow for you, but then i found i don’t have any yellow shirt. Then I went to buy a yellow shirt just because of the baby boy who has the best smile in the world. A lot of prayers and love for you. ❤


  30. Arjun says:

    Hi Seth, From India – Mumbai. Its my privilege to wear YELLOW on 27th. All i can think is along the lines already quoted ” One small smile on your face, a GIANT LAUGHTER on face of Mankind”.


  31. Iselin says:

    Hi Seth, we will wear yellow for you here in Norway!

    To Seth’s family: My mom and I would love to send something to Seth, something to cheer him up. Doesn’t need to be big, but just something that would make his days in the hospital a bit better, something yellow or fireman-related? Is this possible in any way? Love from Norway


    • LJLane says:

      Hello. Thank you very much for your kind message. If you wish to send Seth something you can do so to: Seth Lane, Ward 3, Great North Children’s Hospital, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, NE1 4LP


  32. Michaelene Luedke says:

    Wow Seth, you are the strongest 5 year old i have seen. You just broke my heart with your story. May god bless you richly with good health and all the fire trucks you want!!!! You stay strong buddy. I will for Sure wear your favorite color anytime you holler, but for sure on the 25th.


  33. Madison hyer says:

    hello i was wondering how may i send a letter to Seth i would very like to know i hope it is’nt personal or offensive i am only an 11 year old that want to make this little boy very happy and tickled , so if you can please tell me a way to send him this drawing through the mail
    Thank you
    -Madison Hyer


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